Iyar 5784
A Jew's wealth is not in houses and money. The eternal Jewish wealth lies in a Jew who observes the Torah and commandments and brings children and grandchildren into the world who also observe the Torah and commandments.
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New events of the month
Lag baOmer 5784
This year in Dnipro, the traditional children's parade in honor of the Lag BaOmer holiday was held at the Dnipro Lyceum No. 144 named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson.

The festive event was opened by a performance from the yeshiva's drum orchestra, followed by a special video presentation about the Lag BaOmer parade, which featured the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Then, the Chief Rabbi of Dnipro and the region, Shmuel Kaminezki, spoke about the spiritual significance of the Lag BaOmer holiday.

An important part of each holiday is the recitation of the 12 psukim, which the Rebbe commanded every Jewish child to know. Of course, a pleasant surprise for everyone was the performance by the lyceum students, who prepared the song "Ahavat Yisrael," and the festive concert concluded with performances by invited artists.

Participants from all our programs also took part in the celebration.
End-of-Season Celebration for Sunday Gatherings
The final meeting of the season was held by the participants of the STL project in the KIDS and TEENS age categories. The children made frames for their bright photos taken during the season, and each counselor wrote summer wishes and kind words for the children, which were also attached to the frames.

In the lesson, we reviewed and learned new things about the holiday of Lag BaOmer, the life story of Rabbi Akiva, and the very important commandment of Ahavat Yisrael, which he emphasized so much.

Then we conducted an active high-speed game where each child had to pass through as many stations as possible within a limited time and collect all possible points. At the stations, madrichim conducted various games, quizzes about everything we learned during the year, tasks related to Ahavat Yisrael, and simply fun summer competitions. We concluded our season with a parade of each attendee on an improvised catwalk, accompanied by a storm of applause.

The teenagers played the game "Remember Everything." In this exciting game, they viewed photos from the entire season with some elements covered and tried to remember or guess what it was and attempted to repeat those games, breaking records depicted in the photos.

Then, we awarded the most active participants of the year. We ended the season with a win-win lottery and an equally sweet cake.
The "Rosh Hodesh" club
As we know, the month of Iyar is renowned for its miraculous properties. During this month, illnesses are more easily cured than in any other month, because it was in Iyar that manna, called the "bread of the mighty," began to fall, and it did not cause any diseases. Since then, Iyar has retained the property of healing diseases.

To be "on trend," we decided to base our Rosh Chodesh meeting with the girls on the features and properties of this miraculous month. When we talk about health, we don't necessarily mean only the physical aspect. We also have mental, psychological, and spiritual health.
Moreover, it’s important not to forget that we are in the period of Sefirat HaOmer, when it is crucial to work on ourselves and our qualities.
We began our meeting with refreshments, sharing impressions and news from the past time, and held it in the style of "girls talk," discussing everything that came to mind.

The meeting ended on a very positive and inspiring note, and all the participants were able to take home a breakdown and reminder of the four elements, to work on their qualities even more thoroughly at home.
Our regular events
Weekly lessons STARS
Every week we have 2 hours of classes from our leading teachers, and consistently we have about 15 students who are just beginning their journey of learning Torah and the commandments. There are 8 hours of classes per month.
STARS Intensive
Classes are 8 hours a week for guys and girls who are already advanced in Jewish studies. About 20 students come weekly for intensive study of Jewish law. There are 32 hours of classes per month.
Фарбренгены для парней
Every week we organize Farbrengen Thursdays for men. At these meetings there is a pleasant atmosphere and words of Torah and nigunim are heard. Each time we have about 10 guys come to us. During Iyar we had 4 farbrengens
Фарбренгены для девушек
On important Jewish dates we hold farbrengens for our girls, where they can not only eat delicious and kosher food, but also learn something new for themselves, and maybe even make a new commitment. Every time we have about 15 girls come to us.
Programs for kids
KIDS Programs
Every Sunday we hold meetings for Jewish children from 6 to 12 years old. At these meetings, participants listen to Torah lessons, make beautiful products in workshops and play educational games with chaperones. Steadily we have about 20 children attending every Sunday
In our center there is a studio of developmental workshops. We provide gymnastics, drawing, beading and wood modeling.
TEENS Programs
At our teen programs, we focus on developing leadership skills in our participants and teaching them useful skills they can use in their lives. During the two-hour program, kids listen to a weekly chapter lesson and make interesting crafts or participate in cool events tied to the theme of the meeting. We consistently have about 10 teens come every Sunday.
"Shabbat Together" Project
Thanks to the full support of the Dnipro Jewish community, our students have the opportunity to fully observe Shabbat every week. Menorah provides us with comfortable rooms at the "7days" hotel, and many families in our community are happy to invite us to their homes for meals.

On Saturday, all students are required to attend prayers and the reading of the Torah in the synagogue and then join the meal at Menorah. Over the month of Iyar, we have spent four Shabbats together, with about 60 students joining us.
This month, our activities were supported by:
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky
    Chief Rabbi of Dnipro and the region
  • Gennady Bogolyubov
    President of the Jewish Community of Dnipro
  • Nathan Zolotarevsky
    President of "STL"
  • Adina Seldina
    Center Coordinator
  • Haya Maltseva
    Project Manager "Stars Dnipro"
  • Keren Morozova
  • Beila Letichevska
    Project Manager "Teens"
  • Moishe Listengurt
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Daniela Listengurt
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Aliza Rabinovich
    Teacher of the program "STARS Basis"
  • Sheina Smilyanskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Tzipora Shufotinskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Leya Lazareva
    Children's Program Teacher
  • Yomtov Shufotinsky
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Moishe Neumann
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
Dvora Leya
Thank you for being with us!
May the G-d bless you and your family with all the blessings!