Heshvan 5784
The people of Israel are compared to stars shining in the sky. Each Jew possesses enough conviction and spiritual strength to, by influencing those around them, bring them closer to the light.
-Bereishit 15:5
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New events of the month
The start of the "STL time" program at Jewish Lyceum No. 144.
During last year's online learning, the children missed the fun STL events. Now, with joy, these events will take place every month—a vibrant celebration for all students from 1st to 11th grade. We kicked off the new season of the project with the "Kislev Spoiler Party."

A multitude of games, tasks, and contests helped us peek into the upcoming month and get ready to embrace it with joy. After all, Kislev is the Month of Miracles, and all the kids who came to the celebration definitely remembered that. Miracles should be greeted prepared!
Launching the "Jewish Home" program.
As part of the new program, our "Stars" program students visit Jewish families in our community once a week. The hostesses teach our girls how to cook interesting and delicious dishes and share life hacks that will help the participants create a beautiful and kosher Jewish home in the future.

So far, there have been 5 such meetings, and about 20 girls attend them regularly.
Our regular events
 "STARS" weekly lessons with.
Two hours of lessons every week from our leading instructors. We consistently have around 15 students who are just beginning their journey in the study of Torah and commandments. In a month, we have a total of 80 hours of classes.
STARS Intensive
Eight hours of classes per week for advanced students in Judaism, both boys and girls. Approximately 20 students join us weekly for intensive study of Jewish laws. In a month, we cover a total of 32 hours of classes.
Farbrenhens for men
Every week, we organize farbrengens on Thursdays for men. These gatherings are filled with a pleasant atmosphere and resonate with words from the Torah and nigunims. Around 10 guys join us each time. In the month of Heshvan, we've already had 4 farbrengens.
Farbrengens for women
On important Jewish dates, we organize farbrengens for our female students. During these gatherings, they not only enjoy delicious and kosher food but also learn something new for themselves, and perhaps even take on a new commitment. Around 15 girls join us each time. In Heshvan, we've already had 2 farbrengens.
Programs for children
KIDS programs
Every Sunday, we hold gatherings for Jewish children aged 6 to 12. Participants listen to Torah lessons, create beautiful crafts in masterclasses, and play educational games with our chaperones. We consistently have around 20 children joining us every Sunday.
On our floor, there's a studio for developmental workshops. We offer classes in chess, gymnastics, drawing, beadwork, and wood modeling.
TEENS programs
In our programs for teenagers, we focus on developing leadership qualities and acquiring useful skills that will benefit them in life. During the two-hour program, kids listen to a lesson on the weekly Torah portion and engage in interesting crafts or participate in cool events related to the theme of the gathering. We consistently have around 10 teenagers joining us every Sunday.
The "Shabbat Together" project.
Thanks to the full support of the Dnipro Jewish community, our students have the opportunity to observe Shabbat every week. Menorah provides us with comfortable rooms at the "7days" hotel, and many families in our community happily invite us for meals in their homes.

On Saturdays, all students make it a point to attend prayers and Torah readings in the synagogue and then join the communal meal at Menorah. In the month of Cheshvan, we've had 4 Shabbats together, and approximately 80 students joined us.
This month, our activities were supported by:
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky
    Chief Rabbi of Dnipro and the region
  • Gennady Bogolyubov
    President of the Jewish Community of Dnipro
  • Nathan Zolotarevsky
    President of "STL"
Our team
  • Rabbi Elisha Gabriel Pavlotskyi
    Head of Young DJC - "STL"
  • Adina Seldina
    Center Coordinator
  • Haya Maltseva
    Project Manager "Stars Dnipro"
  • Yosef Nakhshon
    Teacher of the program "STARS basis"
  • Moishe Listengurt
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Daniela Listengurt
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Sheina Smilyanskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Tzipora Shufotinskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Leya Lazareva
    Children's Program Teacher
  • Yomtov Shufotinsky
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Moishe Neumann
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
Dvora Leya
Thank you for being with us!
May the G-d bless you and your family with all the blessings!