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Shabbaton "Passover Sheni" for youth

Shabaton was held in Dnipro on Pesach Sheni, thanks to the help of the Jewish community of Dnipro together with Stars Ukraine, for Jewish youth aged 16 to 29 years. More than forty people from Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine took part in it.

Friday's program included a lesson from Khaya Maltseva, a master class on making candles for Avdala, lots of games and communication, and, of course, wonderful evening meals in Jewish families. We thank the Kaminetsky, Segal, Nakhshon and Shufotinsky families for their hospitality and warmth.

On Saturday, our participants, together with the entire community, took part in prayers and a meal that took place at the Menorah Center, and until the end of Shabbat, we enjoyed board games, walked around the city and rested. After the completion of the Avdala ceremony, which separated Saturday from weekdays, at which many handmade candles were lit, we began an incendiary party - Melave Malka, which did not end until almost morning.

It was a great honor for our participants to meet with the Chief Rabbi of Dnipro, Reb Shmuel Kaminetsky, where he shared with us many motivating ideas on how to succeed in life, career and relationships with people.

The third day of Shabaton was also full of pleasant moments. A lesson for girls with Tzipora Shufotinskaya gave us the mood for the approaching Lag Ba Omer holiday. And then we went to nature, to a pleasant picturesque place, where we treated ourselves to barbecue and other delicious food, talked, played sports, studied and enjoyed the beautiful spring in the Dnipro.

Our guests were very satisfied with Shabaton and can't wait for the next youth projects.

Many thanks to the Jewish community of Dnipro and the organization "Stars Ukraine" for all their support and assistance in the implementation of this Shabaton.

Celebration of Lag ba omer with the Dnipro Jewish community on the basis of "Kohavi forest club"

a grandiose celebration of Lag Ba Omer this year, which the Jewish community of Dnipro held in an ecologically clean area on the banks of the Samara River, on the territory of a comfortable base "Kohavi Forest Club", thanks to the support of the Abramenko family - Reb Menachem Mendel and his wife Irina.

The great community holiday in honor of Lag B'Omer was held in the spirit of unity and tradition, which is especially important in the year of Akel, in which we now live. All those present were in a good and elated mood, expressed their gratitude for such a wonderful day, which they were able to spend not only with their families, but also with friends.

The celebration was attended by about 50 participants of our programs, from children to youth and their parents

Floral workshop before Shavuot
The last lesson in preparation for the Shavuot holiday was held for students of Stars Dnipro, a project of the Jewish Community of Dnipro in the field of non-formal education for youth, supported by STL.

In all groups, both male and female, of all forms of education, both basic and intensive, there were lessons dedicated to Shavuot, where they studied the laws and customs of the holiday.

At the last meeting before the holiday, the students took part in a master class where they created flower arrangements to decorate their homes for Shavuot.
Day Camp 5783
In Dnipro, thanks to the help of the Jewish Community of Dnipro, together with the organization "Jewish Relief Network Ukraine" (JRNU) and with the support of "SmartJ", within the framework of the "Young DJC" movement, a children's day camp is being held, called "Kingdom of J-Kingdom" for Jewish children aged 6 to 12.

Our camp is held within the declared theme "Kingdom of J-Kingdom"
We study the wisdom of King Shlomo, what he said about life, about how a person should act in certain areas, because it is said in the Torah that the Almighty created the world and gave it to people as Kings to rule in it . Of course, we must rule wisely, as Kings, who must make every effort for the prosperity of their kingdom, so we must improve our world, and this is what we teach. Every day we have Jewish lessons on how to properly relate to the world that the Almighty gave us, and how he wants us to rule his world.

The camp program includes lessons in Jewish traditions, a variety of workshops and activities, beautiful events, outdoor walks, games, dances and much more, which makes the rest of our pupils not only fun and joyful, but also educational. We also have trips to entertainment centers, most recently we visited a children's golf club and went to the cinema.

Every day in the camp, children have a large and rich program, competitions in active games, the joy of drawing valuable prizes and communication in a friendly company.

More than 50 children have registered for our camp!

Our regular events
We have 5 different studios where children can discover their talents, fulfill themselves, gain life skills, and spend time with Jewish friends.

We plan that very soon there will be even more of these studios!
STARS Lessons
Every week, our center hosts educational sessions of the STARS program.
for young people.
8 hours a week for STARS Intensive members and 2 hours
per week STARS Basis participants
Lessons with leading speakers, farbrengens, shabbats, parties and much more we organize for our students.
Over 30 boys and girls
visit us on a regular basis
Youth farbrengens for guys

Every Thursday we host a men's farbrengen on the 8th floor, which is attended by students from our Stars Basis and Stars Intensive programs. Our teachers and leaders fill this pastime with warmth and spirituality, the words of the Torah and maysa are heard at the table.

10 to 15 guys come to our meals every time.

Programs Kids&Juniors

Every Sunday on the 8th floor of the Menorah we hold meetings for children and teenagers

In our classes, children listen to a lesson on a weekly chapter, in which we highlight a topic that is relevant in accordance with modern realities so that it will be useful to our participants in life. They create beautiful crafts with their own hands at master classes and improve their soft skills during games with madrichs and various events.

Also during the program, we obligatory feed the participants with a delicious and kosher lunch.

On average, about 80 children and 30 teenagers attend our programs per month

Youth Shabbat at the Menorah
Shabbat together

According to the already established tradition, we unite the Jewish youth of the city of Dnipro for Shabbat every week.

We have prepared everything for your comfort:
Meals in Jewish families
Hotel accommodation
game bar
This is an ideal opportunity to feel the beauty of Shabbat. About 60 Jewish boys and girls came to our Shabbat in Shevat

This month, our activities were supported by:
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky
    Chief Rabbi of Dnipro and the region
  • Gennady Bogolyubov
    President of the Jewish Community of Dnipro
  • Nathan Zolotarevsky
    President of "STL"
  • Malka Gorodnitskaya
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board RADABANK
  • Motl Mogilevskiy
  • Shmuel Shulika
  • Shtipelman Vlad
    Owner of the Partner Ukraine group of companies
  • Shlomo Chertok
    The owner of the leading alcohol distribution company in Ukraine - AV Trading House
  • Rafael Sapozhnikov
    The owner of the meat factory "Premier"
Our team
  • Rabbi Elisha Gabriel Pavlotskyi
    Head of Young DJC - "STL"
  • Adina Seldina
    Center Coordinator
  • Haya Maltseva
    Project Manager "Stars Dnipro"
  • Yosef Nakhshon
    Teacher of the program "STARS basis"
  • Moishe Listengurt
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Daniela Listengurt
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Sheina Smilyanskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Tzipora Shufotinskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Leya Lazareva
    Children's Program Teacher
  • Yomtov Shufotinsky
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Moishe Neumann
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
Our Madrichim
Dvora Leya
Thank you for being with us!
May the G-d bless you and your family with all the blessings!