Nisan 5784
Before leaving one's place of residence, it is customary to hold a Hasidic farbrengen and receive a farewell blessing from one's friends. As the saying goes, "Hasidim do not say goodbye. None of them ever leaves another. Wherever they are, they are one family."
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New events of the month
STL-Time at Jewish Lyceum №144 dedicated to 11 Nisan.
For all students, 5 stations with various thematic tasks were prepared:
Tzedakah, Tefillin, Farbrengen, Ahlote Tova (good decision), Torah study.

For participating in all stations, children received a colorful cake decoration. When they had collected all the ingredients, they used them to make a bright and delicious cake for the Rebbe.
Preparation of STARS students for Passover
In March, students began a four-week preparation for the Passover holiday. The boys are studying Lashon HaKodesh – the holy language. It is the language of prayers and Torah, through which the Almighty spoke to the Jews at Mount Sinai and addressed the prophets.

During one lesson, the girls learn to read texts – something they will do at the Seder. In addition, following the laws of Passover, they celebrated Rosh Chodesh, and the "Rosh Chodesh Club" meeting for girls was dedicated to the month of Nisan. And, of course, with the arrival of this spring month, everyone blessed the blossoming trees.

The boys in class prepared to lead the Passover Seders.

Also, during lessons, we discussed historical events that formed the basis of the Exodus, and examined the history of the holiday.

Then, we moved on to the laws, traditions, and customs of Passover. Studying the Shulchan Aruch, we, together with the students, gradually delved into the main concepts of the holiday and learned the commandments of Passover, simulating situations from our own lives and developing ways of action necessary to fulfill these mitzvot.

And finally, just before the holiday, our students went on a tour to a matzah bakery.
The "Rosh Chodesh Club"
On Rosh Chodesh of the month of Nisan, the club organized a gathering that resonated with all the girls, as they engaged in "girl magic" activities.

It was a heartfelt and very positive gathering with delicious treats, a friendly atmosphere, heart-to-heart conversations, and a girly masterclass. The girls decided to treat themselves by making their own organic lip gloss. All the girls enjoyed themselves and appreciated the useful "souvenir," which they promptly tested and joyfully embraced.

One of the most important outcomes of the education provided to students at "STARS Dnipro" is that both young men and women have become more observant of the commandments of the Almighty. Moreover, such informative and entertaining gatherings, where one can not only learn something new but also take a break from everyday life and studies and treat oneself, undoubtedly benefit the girls. They were energized and inspired for the entire month, had a good time, and spent quality time in wonderful company.
Our regular events
Weekly lessons STARS
Every week we have 2 hours of classes from our leading teachers, and consistently we have about 15 students who are just beginning their journey of learning Torah and the commandments. There are 8 hours of classes per month.
STARS Intensive
Classes are 8 hours a week for guys and girls who are already advanced in Jewish studies. About 20 students come weekly for intensive study of Jewish law. There are 32 hours of classes per month.
Фарбренгены для парней
Every week we organize Farbrengen Thursdays for men. At these meetings there is a pleasant atmosphere and words of Torah and nigunim are heard. Each time we have about 10 guys come to us. During Nisan we had 4 farbrengens
Фарбренгены для девушек
On important Jewish dates we hold farbrengens for our girls, where they can not only eat delicious and kosher food, but also learn something new for themselves, and maybe even make a new commitment. Every time we have about 15 girls come to us. 2 farbrengens were held in Nisan.
Programs for kids
KIDS Programs
Every Sunday we hold meetings for Jewish children from 6 to 12 years old. At these meetings, participants listen to Torah lessons, make beautiful products in workshops and play educational games with chaperones. Steadily we have about 20 children attending every Sunday
In our center there is a studio of developmental workshops. We provide gymnastics, drawing, beading and wood modeling.
TEENS Programs
At our teen programs, we focus on developing leadership skills in our participants and teaching them useful skills they can use in their lives. During the two-hour program, kids listen to a weekly chapter lesson and make interesting crafts or participate in cool events tied to the theme of the meeting. We consistently have about 10 teens come every Sunday.
"Shabbat Together" Project
Thanks to the full support of the Dnipro Jewish Community, our students are able to fully observe Shabbat each week.
Menorah provides us with comfortable rooms at the 7days Hotel and many families of our community gladly invite us to their homes for meals.
On Shabbat, all students are sure to attend the prayers and Torah reading at the synagogue and then join us for a meal at the Menorah.
During Nisan we spent 4 Shabbats together with about 60 students joining us
This month, our activities were supported by:
  • Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky
    Chief Rabbi of Dnipro and the region
  • Gennady Bogolyubov
    President of the Jewish Community of Dnipro
  • Nathan Zolotarevsky
    President of "STL"
  • Adina Seldina
    Center Coordinator
  • Haya Maltseva
    Project Manager "Stars Dnipro"
  • Keren Morozova
  • Beila Letichevska
    Project Manager "Teens"
  • Moishe Listengurt
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Daniela Listengurt
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Aliza Rabinovich
    Teacher of the program "STARS Basis"
  • Sheina Smilyanskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Tzipora Shufotinskaya
    Teacher of the program "STARS intensive" for girls
  • Leya Lazareva
    Children's Program Teacher
  • Yomtov Shufotinsky
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
  • Moishe Neumann
    Men's STARS Intensive Teacher
Dvora Leya
Thank you for being with us!
May the G-d bless you and your family with all the blessings!